Okay, fine, this is not technically our team, but we kind of look like these people in this awesome stock photo. If you squint your eyes, you will see that the woman in the middle looks kind of like Karen Cahn who invented VCommunity. The guy with the glasses to her left sorta looks like Alex Asianov, the architecture wiz whose team built the platform. The woman next to Alex in the green shirt doesn't look at all like Sarah Sommers, our wonderful video Creative Director, but the woman all the way on the end with the wavy hair, does look a little bit like Kate Anderson, our dedicated Community Manager. The other people may or may not resemble other members of our technical development team like Ziad Meksassi, Shilpa Raut, Michael Montecuollo, and Nayoung Kim.

In any event, real humans built VCommunity based on how we personally like to engage with video content. We're a collaborative team, and we love working with brands to bring your ideas to life. 

Maybe next quarter, we will take a proper "about us" photo. Here's hoping!